FREE 2D Animation Software / How to Animate in Krita!

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IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! Be sure the layer you are animating on is clear and the lightbulb choice is activated within the timeline panel to your layer, in any other case ONION SKIN WON’T WORK!

Following on from my 2D animation software program video, I made a tutorial on the right way to animate in Krita. I actually hope this helps somebody, Krita is not my essential animation software program (which is TVPaint 11 PRO) so all the following pointers have been issues I discovered as I went alongside ๐Ÿ™‚

It wasn’t 100% clean crusing in Krita, there have been a number of bugs and generally the comb misplaced stress sensitivity (fastened by switching to a brand new one after which again once more, weirdly), although I am not fairly certain whether or not it was due to my laptop computer or a bug within the software program.Additionally guarantee that the layer you are animating on is clear and that the layer within the timeline panel has the little lightbulb activated, in any other case your onion pores and skin will not work!

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